• PreBallet -- Students 3 through 5 years of age will participate in
    stretches and exercises to increase coordination and to learn simple ballet
    steps to use in short dances.

  • Beginner / Level I - II -- Students 6 years of age and older will participate in balance
    and coordination activities while performing longer dance combinations.
    Dance terminology is introduced.

  • Level III -- Barre exercises, floor technique, strength and
    balance are emphasized.

  • Level IV - V -- Barre and floor combinations become more complex as the
    fundamental steps are reviewed for mastery. Students may remain in a class
    level for a number of years as they develop their technique.

  • Level V  -- Students at this level may start pointe lessons
    with the approval of their instructor. More demanding technique is taught
    and the graceful qualities of dance are instilled. Students may remain in
    this level for a number of years before progressing.

  • Advanced -- Increased extension, balance and coordination are emphasized
    while adding beats and multiple turns. Students are encouraged to develop
    their unique expression of dance. Students may remain in this level for a
    number of years as they continue to develop their technique.

  • Pointe Technique -- Private Lessons -- With instructor approval,
    students begin pointe work emphasizing proper muscle control, posture,
    strength and coordination while reviewing basic ballet technique. Private
    or semi-private lessons may be arranged with an instructor for pointe or
    basic dance technique.